Hello all!  I’m back!  (For now…maybe…ok fine.  We’ll see how long this will last.)

Super fast update:

I’m pregnant!  Oh, around 35 weeks pregnant.  With a another boy!

I’m completely outnumbered now.  Even the cat is a boy!!

Just thought you should know.

My county station hosted a phenomenal concert and at fabulous venue for an amazing price.

Oh, I was all over that!

The venue was about 500 people, so no matter where you sat, the view was amazing.  And it was $18!

Here were the artists:

  • Clay Walker
  • The Band Perry
  • Eric Church
  • Rodney Adkins


  • Joe Nichols!!!!!

Joe Nichols!  For $18!!!


Ugh.  every single person in my household is sick.

The baby started it.  Then SH picked it up and I’ve followed in at a close third.

The only one not sick is that cat…but he’s potentially a little sick in the head, so…

All I’m saying is that it’s not a fabulous time in this house.

A family of crickets have built themselves a little home right outside my bedroom window.  And these aren’t just everyday normal crickets. Noooooooo.  These are crickets trained to use a megaphone.

I have never in my life heard crickets SO LOUD.

2 nights ago I was woken from a deep sleep to CRICKET!  CRICKET! CRICKET! Lather, rinse, repeat.

SH went out there when the sun came up and sprayed with bug killer but come 8 o’clock that night CRICKET!  CRICKET! CRICKET!

They might as well have been sitting on my pillow for how loud they were.  The following conversation occurred:

Me: “I’m going to go sleep in the baby’s room so I don’t murder you tonight.”

SH: “What did I do?!?!  I tried to make them stop by killing them!

Me: “Yes you did, thank you for that.  But I won’t be able to sleep because of their demonic chirpy symphony.  And you’ll have no problem sleeping at all.  And around 3 am, while your sleeping peacefully and I’m exhausted and wide awake, I will harm you.”

SH: “Do you need help carrying your pillows?

The next day I went to Publix and I purchased earplugs.

What ya gonna do now ya irritating crickets????

I win!

My twin is coming to visit me!  I’m referring to Valerie; she’s my cousin and her sassy attitude can rival my own.

And she’s coming for a visit!! She’ll be here on Sunday and I am extremely excited.  I know for a fact that we will be going on a trail ride, but everything else is up in the air.  I know that fun is on the table for sure!

So soon, very soon, we will be together in the same state.

I don’t know if both our egos will fit…

I just spent five minutes in hades.

I lost the Staedtler pen set I keep at my house.  (The ones I wrote about in my addictions post).

They were gone and I had to write something in my organizer.  In purple.  Because it was an event for me and purple is assigned to me.

It’s 9:00 pm and I seriously contemplated running to Office Depot to get another set.

Because my set was lost and it was never going to be found again and I wouldn’t be able to update my organizer and the sky was falling and the world was going to end.

Luckily I found them on my desk.

Whew, we avoided World War Three.

As of 5 am this morning, Hurricane Danielle was downgraded to a category 1.  They still say she is going to turn to the north but she is also going to strengthen.

There is also another storm out there that has “near 100% chance of tropical storm formation”.


The next update is at 11.  I shall report back then.