“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”

     ~E.B. White

I was cuddling up to SH in the kitchen, bouncing around and being all cute.

SH: “You’re being stranger than normal.”

Me: “….more than normal???”

SH: “Ya, you have a standard level of strange.”

Thank you dear.  I’m going to take that as a compliment.

This was my and SH’s morning a few days ago:

5:58am: SH gets up to go to the bathroom and I get woken up in the process.  This makes me cranky

6:00am: SH’s alarm goes off.  This is also my alarm.  I hate that stupid alarm.  This makes me mad.

6:01am: SH stands in my path to the bathroom and tries to hug me. This is just…a bad idea.

6:01.30am: I declare “Stop it!  You should know better by now!” as I brush past him to crankily go through my morning routine.

In my defense, I feel that after 3 years of blissful marriage my Sexy Husband should know not to speak to me, touch me or acknowledge my existence prior to 9am.

I’m not really a morning person….

Background: We are in my kitchen.  I’m chopping up a bunch of veggies for dinner and SH is emptying the dishwasher. We are both focused on our tasks and there is a comfortable silence resting in the kitchen.

Well, there was a silence until…

SH: “Would you care to try out some custom made orthopedic shoes?


He asked so politely so I answered the only way I thought to be appropriate

No, but thank you for asking.”

And then we carried on with our activities, never to speak of this again.

SH: “You might not be graceful but you sure are good at multitasking.”

~I was holding the baby and throwing salt, pepper, dill, garlic, onion, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce in bowl for turkey burgers.  I left the egg for SH to deal with.

I decided that I wasn’t graceful enough to attempt that one handed.

This was sent to me via email in the middle of the work day:

SH: “If we had carpet imagine how awful it would be with all the spit up from the kid. “

It’s not that I don’t agree…because I do.  Thank you God for putting tile in my house.

It was just a little random.

It was also closely followed by this gem:

SH: “He is getting really demonic about spoon biting btw.”

Again, it’s not that I don’t agree.  The little boy has become quite insistent about biting his spoon instead of, you know, allowing us to use it like normal people.

It’s also just a little random.

I love random.

SH Compliment: “Honey, you’re bottom is very robust!

…’scuse me? 

SH: “…I shouldn’t try to compliment your bottom, you never take it well.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary, from time to time, to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”

~Miss. Piggy

…clever little piggy.

SH: “Hey!  We could go swimming today when we get home.  You haven’t made your hair pretty yet, so the requirements are all met!”

Back-story:  I have long hair that takes forever to dry.  So if I’ve got it dried nicely, I’m not swimming.  This particular comment occurred while we were in the car.  Driving back home from a lovely day out.  I *did* make my hair pretty…