Colleen from Silly Panda has created a Mario Bros nursery for her little boy.  Oh, it’s fabulous.  She doesn’t have any photo’s on her site yet (you planning of fixing that Missy?), but her Mario Bros themed baby shower is there.  Definitely worth a check.

I was in Sears this Sunday and saw this:

I, of course, instantly sent her a text of this image, but it’s so fabulous, I wanted to share it with you all.

SH and I have been married for three years.

For our first year anniversary, this is what I came home to.

It’s the exact replica of our flower arrangements on our wedding day.  My entire house was filled with the perfume.  It was like walking into a wall of lily’s and roses and sunshine and happiness.

Now, if I do say so myself, SH did goooooood!

I absolutely adore this photo.

I took this picture in a national forest in North Carolina.  At the time, Dave and I were thinking about moving to the area.  We had endured a very full schedule of house hunting and decided to take a moment to stretch out and have some fresh air.

It was the forest we headed to and the forest where I found this delight.

I love the colours, the browns and the greens.

I love the way the mushrooms cascade down the old stump.  I imagine, just at twilight, the fairies flutter down these like bouncy little steps on their way to create some fantastic mischief.

I just wish I could catch them once to witness it.

This is Babs.

Babs was given to me by Charlotte and Spike and they live in England.  I happened to be visiting them at the time.  (You can see Spike’s leg there in the background.)

Babs is one of my most favourite pony presents.

Babs was whispering to me one day that she really wanted to be famous.  I told her I’d post her in my blog…not really sure how that’s going to accomplish the famous part, but there you go.

So here is my Babs.