I got a call from SH: “Hey, were there always indents on the top rail of DSFSC’s crib?”


Someone small and still learning to accomplish minor life skills has taught himself how to stand up in his crib.  Let me help you out, it’s not me and it’s not SH.

Here’s where things become tricky.  My baby is an intense baby.  He’s a very focused and determined baby.  The products marketed to protect crib rails from little teething chipmunks are NOT made with my baby in mind.

You can buy a product that simply snaps 12 inch sections of plastic around the rail.  That wouldn’t last 5 minutes before the kid would push it off.  Then, once he’s dislodged the product, he’ll use it to play drums on the crib rails.  That would make a lot more dents.  Counter-productive.  No thanks.

You can buy a product that is a soft rubber that adheres to the crib rail.  Mr. Fingers would peel that baby off in a heartbeat…a hummingbird’s heart beat.  And then he would play with the sticky strip and effectively mummify himself in it.  I would like to sleep at night and worrying that my baby will become a sticky rubber mummy isn’t going to allow sleep to happen.


Or you can get a thick fabric that Velcro’s around the rail.


This is what we are going to try first.  I’m hoping that the large cloth surface area will keep him preoccupied with sucking over biting and he will be less likely to want to fiddle with the fastenings.  And on this particular product you can even attached toys to play with.  I hope to avoid this if I can; cribs are for sleeping.  The top is also padded, so if he does gnaw, hopefully there will be enough protection.

Please be advised: I fully expect to be back here in a week bemoaning this as an asinine and useless product.  It’s at this point that I will declare the crib a lost cause and teach the baby to sleep in a big boy bed.

(…kidding on that last part.  I think.)

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