A family of crickets have built themselves a little home right outside my bedroom window.  And these aren’t just everyday normal crickets. Noooooooo.  These are crickets trained to use a megaphone.

I have never in my life heard crickets SO LOUD.

2 nights ago I was woken from a deep sleep to CRICKET!  CRICKET! CRICKET! Lather, rinse, repeat.

SH went out there when the sun came up and sprayed with bug killer but come 8 o’clock that night CRICKET!  CRICKET! CRICKET!

They might as well have been sitting on my pillow for how loud they were.  The following conversation occurred:

Me: “I’m going to go sleep in the baby’s room so I don’t murder you tonight.”

SH: “What did I do?!?!  I tried to make them stop by killing them!

Me: “Yes you did, thank you for that.  But I won’t be able to sleep because of their demonic chirpy symphony.  And you’ll have no problem sleeping at all.  And around 3 am, while your sleeping peacefully and I’m exhausted and wide awake, I will harm you.”

SH: “Do you need help carrying your pillows?

The next day I went to Publix and I purchased earplugs.

What ya gonna do now ya irritating crickets????

I win!

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  1. katy smith says:

    Hahahaha…. do you need help carrying your pillows was the best response ever! I hate crickets! We had ONE in our house and I could hear it over the TV.. it drove me nuts! But a family of them?? No Thanks!

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