Ok, so I have several fabulous ladies that grace my life.

Want to meet another?

This is Ashton!  She’s the one that assisted me in beginning this maddess.

Yes, this is ALL HER FAULT!

She used to be my baking partner…but then she kinda started rocking her cakes and decorations.  I mean…seriously rocking.

Her website is Ashtie Cakes  www.ashtiecakes.com

Seriously, check out her cakes.

You wouldn’t bake with her anymore either.

2 Responses to “My Other Bestie!”

  1. Ash says:

    Aw, I still want to bake! :( We don’t have to do cake lol, sweet roll day was awesome! I’m curious what made you go with the cotton candy pic?

  2. Shari says:

    You look so happy!! And I was a little jealous of your cotton candy. I heart cotton candy, but I only allow my self to partake at Disney and the fair.

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