Where we live is surrounded by water.  We live on a creek.  We have a pool.  There are also many large bodies of water in the surrounding areas.

Knowing how to swim isn’t just a clever idea, it’s a survival tactic.

Keeping all this in mind I have enrolled the DSFSC in swimming lessons!

He has been doing great and his teacher is fabulous.  The first class she just shoved him under the water.  He came up sputter a little and she simply said “You didn’t drown, you’re fine.”  LOVE. HER!

He was enthralled watching the class before him.  He kept looking over at SH to make sure Daddy was seeing all this excitement too!

This is right before he tips into the water and the instructor pushes him along under water to me.

He made it!  He always looks a little shocked when he gets to me.  It’s either because he’s shocked that he can swim so well or shocked that he didn’t drown.  It’s one of the two.

Everyone is all smiles after class is done.

Until DSFSC realizes how tired swimming has made him.  Then he’s just all “Hey, where’s my sippy cup and crib?”

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