DSFSC and I found a Mommy and Me class.  I have been looking for one for several months but they all met Monday through Thursday and I needed it to be held on a Friday.  I received an email from my church that they were starting up a Mommy and Me group and I jumped right on in.

The first class was…odd.  I’m not really sure what I was expecting.  I think I had anticipated a bunch of children hanging out and running around and every once and a while a little baby skirmish breaking out.  Come on now, you know pre-toddlers can be a little WWF.

And there was some of that, but it was towards the end.  For the first 45 minutes it was just like you see on TV.  A bunch of Mom’s sitting in a circle, singing songs and bouncing around their baby’s.

I’m okay with this.  It threw me for a little, but I’m okay with it.  The kid LOVES music so he was basically just rocking out and having a blast.

But then they did something I couldn’t get behind.  They had a “Mommy/Baby cuddle time”.  They put on soft, soothing music and your are supposed to cradle your precious little baby close to your chest, curl in over them and stare and coo and ooo and aaahhh.

Ya right.

I tried that with my sweet little baby and he looked at me like “Really?  Momma, seriously? We’re *really* going to do this?”

I have to admit, he was echoing my thoughts to the letter.  So we exchanged a knowing look and I let him just stand in front of me and dance to the music in his head.

Why cuddle when you can MOVE?!?!

Here’s a picture of the little one at the meeting.  I have a bunch more, but other little kids are in them and I’m not about to go post someone else’s kid on the big wide interweb.

That ain’t right.

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  1. Katy Smith says:

    blur out the other kids faces and post the pics!! Or email them to me… :)

    I love the thought of him dancing to the music in his head :)

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