Since I haven’t been feeling so hot these past few days, poor SH has taken over just about every household chore there is.  And while he has done a FABULOUS job, I wanted to try to give him a break and do a few things myself.

My first task was to hang up some laundry that had just finished drying.  I grabbed a shirt and reach for a hanger and started to put the two together.  By the end of that grueling task my arms were shaking like crazy.  Hmmm…this isn’t going to work.

Beep, boop, beep, beep boop, beep, beep….riiiiiiing, riiiiiing: “Hi.  Mommy?  Can you come help me please?”

And since my Mommy is super awesome cool, she did, in fact, come to help me.

In the end she:

  1. did 1,925 loads of laundry
  2. cleaned the guest bath (sink, counter, toilet, swept floors, Swifer-ed floors, shower doors and cleaned the bath tub)
  3. tidied the kitchen and did the dishes approximately 4,856 times
  4. went to Publix
  5. made me chicken noodle soup
  6. made me rice krispie squares
  7. sorted through the baby’s clothes that don’t fit anymore
  8. tidied the baby’s changing area
  9. hung up the baby’s new clothes (including his Christmas outfit that it to DIE for)
  10. tidied our master bedroom
  11. dusted our master bedroom
  12. cleaned the master bath (sink, counter, toilet, swept floor, Swifer-ed floors and dusted)
  13. bathed the baby

I was always nearby and I did what I could.  For example, I folded the clothes and towels, because I could do that sitting down.  Mommy just did pretty much everything else.

And then my super awesome cool Daddy came and fixed the bed frame in the guest bedroom!  It keeps falling apart and then the frame sticks out beyond the edge of the mattress.  Well, we put the baby’s PJ’s on using that bed for every nap.  This means every nap you SLAM your foot into the stupid jutting out bed frame.  And it makes you curse.  Then cry.  Because it always hurt.  A lot.

So thanks to my loving, super awesome cool parents my SH got a much needed break from housework and I got lots of help.


2 Responses to “Thank you God for parents”

  1. katy smith says:

    Yea for your amazing mommy :) and super yea for that bed being fixed cos I’ve banged my legs into it too and it hurts!!

  2. Dori says:

    Your parents are wonderful. I miss them and their amazing-ness. You can quote me on that!

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